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Thursday, October 23, 2014


June 2013. Now ( August 2014 ) buried under tons of sand.

Last night I was in bed with my Belly Rock. [the above is not a picture of it]. A Belly Rock a flat river rock that is chosen to fit nicely between the pelvic bones. The Native Americans used them at  night and in meditation to connect themselves to Mother Earth. The rocks are fully conscious beings of very high spiritual development...for they "ALLOW EVERYTHING."

I have used one for many years and have had some amazing things happen with it. Once I was intensely pulling energy up from the earth to heal my womb, which had been hemorrhaging at the start of menopause. The vibe was so intense that when I was done and  I placed my fingers on top of the rock I discovered that the rock had exuded so much water that it created a full puddle of water in a concave indentation that was about 2" X 3" across and 1/2 inch deep!

Other times stones have shared with me how blissed out they are all of the time. Native Americans know this as well. And at other times they have told me  how they are as "common as dirt" but at the same time incredibly valuable spiritually. Common is beautiful! Rare can cause problems for left brained acquisative humans. Another time a stone took me back in time to the beginning of the Earth and showed me how all the waters of the earth had come from the rock of the planet. A year later I was watching a NOVA program and they announced, " Scientists have just discovered that all water on Earth originally came from the rocks, at the time of the planet's creation."

The belly rock I have had for the past several years sleeps with me every night. And when I achieve some new spiritual understanding, he congratulates me by getting sopping wet. Usually he is dry and the wetness  definitely does not come from my hands which I wipe on the sheets before touching him.
Last night, though, I had perhaps the most amazing experience of all with my stone. It was cosmic and impossible to describe well. But I will try.

To preface the story, I will just say that I have been working for some time with some non-physical entities who are quiet spiritually lost. At night my guides lead me to being with the lost ones as well as others who are quite spiritually advanced, so the lost ones can find their way home to who they really are by our being together. It has been quite challenging and yet rewarding as several have gone on to better things. This is an amazing feat and very difficult to do, yet simple at the same time. It is a paradox, which the store of Truths be;onging to The Divine Feminine are rife with.

So last night I was holding my rock friend and suddenly I became sort of inert or immobilized. I could have moved if I wanted. But I knew better. Then my stone friend took over my consciousness while I watched and allowed it. He took each of three lost souls on a trip, one by one into their spiritual future. He showed them in blocks of thought and experiences of energy and images of light what their future will hold. Each one was different and extraordinarily beautiful. Indescribable in words. Very powerful and emotionally moving. Each one was told he would succeed. He was also told that he did not have to move in that direction. He has free will and can move toward the darkneess and diminishment if he chooses.

Each one was shown that he could achieve this by going within himself and slowly and subtly "finding himSelf" --that larger Self that all beings have. There was an implication that by doing this they would each have an extremely important impact on the direction the world is going in.
For there is a cloud of darkness over our planet now--especially over North America. I have seen it. And these non-physical beings who have gotten lost have been unknowingly contributing to that darkness and the suffering on the planet in larger ways than they understood. So by remembering the beings they really are...beautiful, full of light and love God-Beings...they can help in BIG ways to bring the planet back to light and love and Truth--and awareness that every being on it is made of God-Consciousness.

As more and more beings know this, the earth will return to the Garden of Eden it was once... and will be again, if enough lost souls--and that is most of us...begin to look inward for our Divine Self and to operate from there more and more; and begin to operate less and less from unnbridled rationalization. For the ego mind can rationalize any hurtful act. Too many of us have been functioning that way--hurting ourselves and others because we are without the guidance of The Divine Feminine (The Sacred Withinness) who gives us compassion and conscience and knowledge of our Oneness with All That Is on Earth and everywhere.

Monday, June 9, 2014


St. John of The Cross  
Plot of his Spiritual Canticle

In the Spiritual Canticle St. John of the Cross tries to explain the mystical process that follows the soul until it reaches its union with God. In order to get this, the poet uses an allegory: the search of the husband (Christ) by the wife (the human soul). The wife feels itself wounded by love, and this makes it to start the search of the Beloved (el Amado); the soul asks everywhere for him in despair until they finally get together in the solitude of the garden (Paradise).


The Soul Personality Self’s Journey to find God:
A Spiritual Canticle for 2014
 by Brenda Harriet Nelson

 The Soul Personality Self is like a husband who has lost interest in his true Wife (his Soul) and so has lost his ability to find God—who is himself and who resides in his true Home, at the center of his being. This husband may take on the form of either gender.

He feels forgotten by Her. Yet it is he, himself, who has forgotten Her

He no longer values his own first wife—His Soul (who may appear as either gender)—nor does he even see/feel Her any more.  He has forgotten his mother as well—God/The Great Mother who lives within him, in the Home at the center of his being.

He seeks instead to find satisfaction by searching outward among his many other wives, friends’ wives, concubines , prostitutes and flirtations (symbols for all of his human activities).

He finally gives up in despair as none of these bring him lasting happiness (Alignment with God). Some did momentarily, but only because he had inadvertently stumbled onto the path of  happiness-inducing alignment when he did a certain thing. So he went on doing the thing, but the happiness it originally brought crumbled to dust as the path of alignment wended elsewhere. 

At the point of complete and utter despair, because he is in a state of profound surrender, She makes herself known to him. She helps him find his way Home to who he really is—God—the perfectly imperfect being he  is right now.

“You are already there and you will never arrive” he says of  The Journey  as he finally looks around and sees the magical beauty of the Paradise at his center and "out there" (which is still within)—a paradise that has always been where-ever he was, but which he was blind to, because he looked  only outward rather than inward and outward simultaneously. Or rather, because he looked outward through only his soul personality eyes and not the eyes of his Soul or The Great Mother.