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One of my biggest passions is the plight of women and children in our world. The solution I see to all of their problems is for us to live in small cooperative communities--both rural and urban. We need to develop matristic cells that take care of themselves--without reliance on men or government. This is absolutely possible.

Of course women who want to live with men will do so. But the world is full of women and children who have been abandoned or abused by men and these women need to know they can go anywhere in the world and will be able to enter one of these villages and have their needs met.

There will be a central community house where there will be child care , meditation and  ceremonies, meals , creative expression and social gatherings .

There will be outlying buildings for various activities that might earn money for the individuals and the community.

The biggest thing that stops this from happening today is that women, at least in this country, are still largely left brained. That means the needs of the ego mind needs to be addressed. The ego mind needs separation. So the living quarters will be separate for each family or individual. Also there will be a conflict resolution model in place that will move the women past interpersonal differences.

I will  write more about that conflict resolution model on another page. If you are interested in joining one of these communities or assisting in any way please email me at Please put "Vesica Piscis Communities" in the subject line.

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