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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013



Personal Peace     Interpersonal Peace      International Peace 


 "Talking and Listening"

Peace Negotiation Process

1.     Select a mediator who understands the Talking and Listening Process. The mediator’s only job is to help the participants to remain within the guidelines as outlined below.

·       Stay with expressing your feelings as much as possible.

·       Take responsibility for your own feelings. We always choose to feel whatever emotions we are experiencing. No one else can make us feel anything.

·       Use “I” messages -- as opposed to “you” messages.

·       Do not add new material or responses until it is your turn.

2.     Establish Personal Peace by doing a brief meditation first. In it, reach upwards and inwards in order to merge with your God-Self. Just close your eyes; focus on your breathing; allow thinking to drop away. In the empty space you will automatically merge with your God Self.

3.     Know that you are always One with your God Self, and at the same time you are “independent.” The personal you is an aspect of God sent to experience life in a unique way.

4.     Know that the person you are in dispute with is also God. Know that you are both One in God. Look at them and try to see this.

            TO BEGIN THE DIALOG:

1.     Person A is the one who has requested a T & L mediation with Person B. Person A goes first.

2.     Person A expresses their feelings in one short sound byte--e.g. “I feel angry at you because....”

3.     Person B responds only by repeating back or rephrasing what they heard Person A say. Person B does not add any of their own feelings or try to correct A at this point. Their only task is to listen carefully and to feed back accurately.

4.     Person A either accepts the feedback B has given or corrects them. If they correct then B gives amended feedback until A is satisfied.

5.     Person A goes on giving short sound bytes of explanation about their position and feelings. Person B continues to give feedback only. They go on until Person A has stated all of their views and feelings.

6.     Then Person B has a turn at stating their feelings and thoughts in small sound bytes, while Person A listens carefully and gives feedback—as above.

7.     At the end both will likely feel a sense of resolution. If they do not, the mediator can invite them to look at changes within themselves that they can make that will improve the situation. They can find the conflicting elements within themselves and allow a dialog as above between them.

8.     There is no need to ask others to change. When we find the war within ourselves and make peace there, the need for outer “wars” or disputes dissolves.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hi J____:

Well, I guess we really do see things differently. I hear you that you think  The Law of Attraction is not a basic law at all, but something that just works sort of for individuals. You believe there is a greater reality outside of it. You would find it impossible to believe that small children could attract things like Sandy Hook I understand why you feel that way. And that you feel it would be saying they "deserved it" to assert that the LOA was at work there.

But while I am sympathetic to your feelings, I do not agree with your major premise and the deductions you have made from it. I hope you can hear my position, as I have heard yours.

First of all, I know from my own experience, from my Higher Self and from what Seth and Abraham and many other wise ones have said, that the LOA is not limited at all. It works every where and with everyone and with every thing--in every dimension. It is truly a Universal law.

It IS a hard pill to swallow and I wish it were other wise, often. But it simply is.

Everything is vibrational including us, small children and events--literally everything vibrates. And vibrations that are similar attract each other. Thought is a powerful form of vibration. Consciousness was there in us before we were born. It is there in babies, it is in children. It is in adults. And it is in our consciousness after we leave this earthly life and these physical bodies.

The thoughts we think are vibrations that attract events and "stuff" (the money to buy things and the things themselves no matter how they come to us--we attract them through our thoughts about them.)

So with SANDY HOOK, I was wondering too--at first--how in the world did this happen with them? I was not going to watch news stories about it. (a friend told me about it). But I found my Higher Self suddenly sitting me down to watch the evening news that night. He did it in order to give me the answer to my question above.

What I saw and heard was a lot of puzzled people saying how could this have happened? The parents, the school administration, the teachers had all TRAINED themselves and the children intensively and thoroughly and repeatedly-- FOR EVENTS JUST SUCH AS THIS! They had had many drills preparing the children for frightening dangerous events. I am sure the parents also allowed their children to watch the evening news with them each night. Plus the children were allowed to watch violent movies such as Harry Potter and Star Wars and many other seemingly innocent things--ALL OF WHICH SENT THE MESSAGE TO THE CHILDREN THAT... THEY WERE LIVING IN A DANGEROUS WORLD! tHE ADULTS HAD TRAGICALLY INSTILLED THEIR KIDS WITH THIS IDEA--AS HAD THE MOTHER OF THE SHOOTER.

Strong emotions added to vivid imaginings adds gasoline to the fire of negative beliefs. Children have much more vivid imaginations than most adults realize. Even sensitive adults. I recall my terror and my classmates' terror at the Nuclear Attack drills in grammar school. And being allowed by my parents to watch a horror cartoon of the effects of nuclear war on the Ed Sullivan show back in the 50's. People's eyeballs melting out of their heads! It is no wonder to me we almost created a nuclear war with Russia at that point. Ed and my parents probably wanted us to understand the horror that we faced in order to avoid nuclear war. But what they did was to bring us closer to it.

Vibrations of Peace brings Peace. Violent thought vibrations bring violent events.

So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The scary event causing fear or the fear of the scary event causing the event. I believe that the imagining of the events comes first, then the event happens, which causes more fear. It beomces a downward spiral. This is the crux of my quarrel with God. All of the negative reinforcement. There is positive reinforcement too--but somehow it does not seem to leave as deep an impression as the negative. So I think we have a basic flaw here that will need to be changed as we evolve.

The only way out is a difficult one. It is to force ourselves to look at every event as benign, as an opportunity for great spiritual growth. which will lead to the manifestation of happy physical things. This takes faith in the pricipal of the LOA--which most people do not even know about. And once they know about it--like you--they don't believe it. So to not only discover it, but believe it, and then to assert in the face of all the evidence of their senses and the logic of their minds that what they are seeing is a false illusion--is extremely difficult.

Nonetheless, when people can do it--it works That is what "The Secret" was about , as well as "What the Bleep..."

Despite all this difficulty. more and more people are tumbling to it. We have helper beings in the larger realites around us who are assisting us, behind the scenes. So IT IS HAPPENING. And we will all come home to this truth eventually. WE can come kicking and screaming, or we can come quietly and willingly, or even joyfyully, but eventually all will come home.

So to recap... Imagination and thought precede all events. They are the cause of it. Thought manifests as events, conditions, relationships, and physical things--including our bodies and the condition of them.

So there are two objective truths #1 We live in a safe and loving world and Universe. #2. The law of attraction works everywhere at all times--moment to moment.

The rest is pretty much subjective as we explore our freedom to imagine and think and believe anything we can dream up. All the seeming external reality that seems so concrete is really a subjective out-picturing of our thoughts.

So Sandy Hook involved--including the children. The adults involved wanted very much to keep the children safe, but they went about it the wrong way. Instead of filling the children's minds with thoughts of peace and reassurances of the same, they filled them with intense fear.

The children of SANDY HOOKwere/are eternal beings--eternal souls--who WHILE THEY MOST DEFINITELY DID NOT "DESERVE" TO BE SHOT "DEAD" (as it were), DID INDEED HELP TO CREATE IT.

I too was a child who manifested a very violent and painful childhood. If those who go through these terrible tests can survive, they often become "teachers of peace" and teachers of well-being. The more difficult the childhood experience--or even a trauma as an adult--if they can live through it and see form a higher perspective--they can be transformed. They can become an inspiration for all who knwo about their situation.

I am thinknig now of a woman I saw on news TV program who had been abducted by a serial killer, stripped, bound hand and foot in a sleazy abandonned house, raped and tortured and terrorize for days. Finally the man poured straight clorox all over her and the room and set the house on fire. And despite all his best efforts to destroy her utterly, she somehow actually managed to LIVE!!!! She was even able to walk into the courtroom at his trial ...and before an astonished jury judge and courtroom, she forgave him! Not for him--but for herself. She was determined to not spend the rest of her life living in negative vibration thoughts and feelings about him and let him continue to destroy her over and over. She truly let it go. The entire courtroom including the jjudge and the perpetrator were all in tears. I was in tears it was so profoundly moving. She had so profoundly "gotten" IT (an undertsnading of the law of attraction in the deepest way possible. She is a Saint in my book.

So the 20 children at SANDY HOOK did not survive in this life. But they immediately transitioned to an afterlife in which they were more than fine. They were suddenly ecstatically happy. They got new healthy bodies. And they soon received understanding of just what had happened. They understood that they had allowed themselves to be in a place and time where there was great fear in many of those around them. They absorbed the fears and feelings of powerlessness and danger of others... and they made them their own. Hard for kids not to do this--yet a few do manage to assert their own positive realities beyond childhood. So those who accepted the horrible negative reality of those adults around them began to attract the same type of reality.

The children's heads and hearts had been filled with the absolutely worst kind of thoughts that could be put there. The school was in constant lock down. Had been for some time. Everyone around them was afraid.

And since like attracts like, and these were intelligent, privileged, strongly self-allowing children with powerful imaginations and minds, they quickly attracted to themselves what they feared.

Many other children before them have waited to grow up before they die of such imaginings--in war and other violence. But it all begins in the mind--in the thought vibrations we choose to allow ourselves to entertain. Even children have a choice in this. Those children all died for their own reasons beyond just playing with the LOA. Families left bereft will have the opportunity for spiritual growth they may not have other wise had.

But I guarantee you, after they crossed over, they remembered why they came into the life they just left. And they understood how they had created the life and death they did. And now all of those involved in that truly tragic event want US to learn from their mistakes--and their successes. They want us to stop using our mind power to create negative vibrations. They want us to think positively and to refuse to entertain the negative stuff we see around us. That stuff is only the creations of others who are misusing their own mental vibrations. The events they create from that NEED NOT BE OURS. Those who were martyred at SANDY HOOK want us to benefit from their sacrifice--and learn from it.

They want desperately for us to start seeing and imagining a better world,,,AND TO IGNORE THE REST THAT FEELS BAD!

If we truly want to honor those children we need to hear their message and learn form them. Spread the word. THE WORLD IS A SAFE AND LOVING PLACE.

THE EVENING NEWS LIES! It shows a tiny percentage of events in the world and allows us to think that is the way the whole world is. Then, if we believe that, we add our thought power TO CREATING JUST THAT! And we really don;t want to do that.

If we could hear the kids now they would be saying...shut off the evening news; focus on the love around you; focus on the beauty in the world; notice all the kindness and heroism; notice all the compassion and generosity. And as the Bible says love your enemy the most--because he is reflecting the worst in you. Your love for him will transform you...and likely him too!

Peace and Blessings

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Ego-Mind and Momentum


It just struck me how odd it is that it is so hard to change. The Great Mother is all about change. There is a Pagan chant and song that goes  like this, "She changes everything she touches. And everything she touches changes!"

And since she is All That Is that means everything must change. There is a certain ineffable something that remains the same--the soul? It feels like a point of observation a "me-ness" or "I-ness" that is a center still point through which change flows.

For example, I look back on who I was as a child and then as a young woman and I am not those people anymore--and yet I am.

And I don't think this I-ness is my ego mind, although it looks out through it. I know I am vastly more than that.

But this morning as I was brushing my teeth and V was rambling on about something in my mind (see the "Hearing Voices" page in this website.) We were both struck by the fact that change was so hard for him--and me. And yet we do seem to be changing. I am not changing fast enough for my ego mind. And I think a part of him feels the same, but there is an extremely stubborn part of him that resists change mightily. And this part of him reminds me of my ego-mind and intellect.

I think of political conservatives as resisting change and wanting to control everything from their ego-mind and intellect. Once one begins to expand beyond the ego-mind and the left brain, it seems to follow naturally that one is more open to change. We loosen up and become more liberal. I used to be politically liberal. Now I am off the chart apolitical and totally out of the realm of government and managing and controlling everything. I know there is a flow to things.

I did not vote the other day. And the whole political scene  and news just bores me to tears. It used to have interest for me--some anyways. But I have changed.

And yet there is change I want to make that seems to be coming so slowly. I back and forth all the time. I want to paint daily. I want to write daily. I want to build a successful business for my fashions, I want to build cooperative communities for women and children. I want to connect more closely with my Entity Self--whom I call ES. Yet my advancement seems so slow. I still waste time watching TV and movies, or sleeping a lot. I seem to need these things at this point. But another part of me wants to release them and get going on the important stuff!

And then I watch V--who seems to have changed a lot as well. He was doing really well a while ago--and has his enlightened moments off and on during the day, but when he gets into what I call his "Growly Guy" mode or personality he convinces me he was just tricking me about the other guy--his authentic self. GG is very into not changing--especially if it implies any sort of compliance with what he calls "coming along" meaning spiritually. His whole raison d'etre seems to be to do the opposite of what he thinks somebody else wants for him. So in essence he is trapped in rebellion and is not free at all. He thinks he is free by being totally rebellious and careless--even unto diminishing and damaging himself profoundly. So I am not sure if he is changing or not.

But again it comes back to --who is I or me? We seem to be made up of many aspects or moods or modes. And we change from one to other like water flowing. Dr.s Hal and Sidra Stone have written about the psychology of these selves beautifully. They say we can change in a split second from one to the other and then back again. Basically we all have multiple personalities.

But I started out by writing about the momentum of the ego mind--having watched V go back into GG and insist once again he would never come along. Maybe "he"--GG won't. Seth talks about us all having probable selves. These are aspects of our self that we can develop--split off and focus on deliberately.
They can be either expanding or contracting personalities. Seth also says if we get far down a path developing one and don;t like it we can always refocus on the part of us we do want to develop and in a sense create a future path to follow that merges again with the probable path we could have followed in the first place.

So I still have not addressed momentum. But it does often seem difficult to change lines of development, or projections by our ego mind about where we want to go. There is the whole habit thing too--neuronal pathways burned into our brains and minds--ganglions that have to literally forcefully be abandoned and used less and less. When they are fully abandoned that physical pathway in our brains literally shrinks and disappears.

Thus any pathways of the mind, developed by any aspect of the Self can be developed or abandoned. And we have free will to choose which we want to do.

Friday, August 10, 2012


UPDATED  9/24/12


This is a blogging adventure in "Allowing Everything" which began on April 7, 2010.

Please click on any of the  pages to the right to see how my philosophy below plays out in those areas. Thank you for visiting.

Peace and Blessings


What I mean by allowing everything is just that--ALLOWING EVERYTHING. And by doing that one can move towards perfect happiness. Allowing everything means acknowledging all that is positive and negative in life, and in one's self--and after allowing what is negative until you have had enough, one eventually moves to allowing that one prefers the positive. The positive is that which feels good emotionally and physically, not what any religious or psychological credo says is  good or positive. Then by allowing oneself to focus more and more intently on the positive and allowing the negative to recede in one's awareness you draw to you--through the law of attraction--that which one desires.

I believe that The Great Mother, aka, "All That Is," aka God, allows everything. That Being allows great beauty and great ugliness in the world--but all for a beautiful purpose. WE LIVE IN A SAFE AND LOVING UNIVERSE. Of this there is no doubt. During that living, our purpose is to EXPAND. All That Is allows us complete freedom to do, be or have anything we desire. Then S/He plays a kind of game with us, creating us knowing that we are One with All That Is--and then us to forget who we really are. S/He allows us to flounder in ignorance of the fact that our minds are creating everything in our life and in our world. S/He allows us to create pain and suffering--but only as a tool of "contrast." We get to contrast the pain with what we really want.

Then that intense desire for something better is deposited in a kind of Escrow account for us--an account that is held by our Higher Self. That being is a part of us that most of us have lost conscious awareness of.

It is the purpose of these pages to allow ever greater awareness of the personal power that we all hold in all areas of our lives. The expansion of our personal power happens in the interface between the small self we know (our ego-mind) and the Expanded Self--our Entity Self (ES) that most of us are only beginning to know. To tap into our escrow accounts of personal power to manifest whatever we desire, we simply have to KNOW that we can have, do or be everything we ever thought of in our desire for something better. That knowing is the secret to using our minds properly. What we focus on, we know -- what we know, we get. So tapping into our escrow accounts is simply a matter of focusing on what we want and ignoring --to the best of our ability-- anything to the contrary--anything negative.

So most of the content that appears in these pages might be termed -- "metaphysical observations of anything and everything in life...and beyond." I will address politics, religion, current events, natural disasters, human relationships, creativity and much more...all with a view to adding to the ever growing body of understanding being engendered by many people. This body of knowledge is moving us all out of the darkness and into the light. Out of the back alleys of life and into the Garden of Eden. It is our birthright to be joyful, loving, wealthy, healthy and successful.

So if you find my writing and my philosophy spiritually and/or intellectually stimulating, please leave a comment. I plan to add a discussion board soon because I want everyone to be able to dialog back and forth about this emerging wisdom that is coming through more and more of us. We all need your wisdom. So please do come back often--to read, leave comments and for updates.

Thanks for visiting!