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 How to Prevent or Heal  Painful Cracks at the Tips of Your Fingers


There is a mental cause behind every physical affliction, and it is the root cause of that problem. If you can heal the mental cause, the physical symptom will disappear. This is true for cancer or for a hangnail. It is good to pay attention to small things like hang nails or cracks in one's finger tips, because, left unattended they can lead to larger and larger problems--as the mental core issue attracts more and more associated negative beliefs. These beliefs literally start as a a small snow ball and can grow into an avalanche if they are allowed to remain in the consciousness.

So today I am addressing the issue of cracks in the finger tips around the nails, which I get occasionally and have found to be a stubborn issue for me. They keep coming back as I continue to shy away from the permanent solution in  my mind, that is calling me. 

I have traced the issue to a fear of making art or being creative in a free and playful, child-like way. That is to say, free form expression in 2-D or 3-D formats. Art is very important in my life--and I suspect it is important for many people. As children we all love playing with paint on paper--or walls. We love drawing. We love sculpting in sand, mud, clay, Playdough --anything at all. 

When we did that we moved into closer connection with the Divine Creator at the center of our being. We are all Divine in our core self. However, as we "grow-up" in this culture, at least, we move further and further away from our Sacred Essence, Our Entity Self or our Higher Self. 

Instead of allowing us to remain in and to nurture our right brain hemisphere activities, school, family, church  community and society all push us to shift over to using the left brain hemisphere more and more exclusively. Women succumb to this less than men do. But in our Western Culture, almost all of us grow up to be left brain dominant.

This is harmful to us. It lessens our happiness and our intelligence. When we come in we are "trailing clouds of glory" as Wordsworth put it. But as we "grow-up" (a misnomer) instead of building on those clouds of glory, we eschew them! We cut them off in our children, our pupils and ourselves.

Making art is a wonderful way to keep the right brain alive active and growing in power. It does not mean we have to leave off with educating the left brain. It simply means that we would do better to enhance and educate both --but with an emphasis on the RIGHT. The right brain is the tool through which w access the part of our mind that creates happiness. It connects us with our Child Self and our Divine Self. It connects us to wisdom and information far beyond anything that can be conveyed through the left hemisphere--inculuding computers and the internet!

To be happy human beings we need to nurture our FREE FORM CREATIVITY.  

When we do this not only are our emotions healed, but our bodies as well.

When we use our hands to make art, or our bodies to free form dance, we are connecting with our Divine Self and our energy really begins to flow, through our hands and through our bodies.

When we are not using our hands in this way the energy begins to slow down and a slide towards necrosis. Literally, life begins to ebb away from our fingers.  As it does this it leaves dead calloused tissue behind it which shrinks and dries--and then cracks. These cracks expose raw unprotected tissue underneath in the dermis. Here is the definition of the dermis from

 Dermis — You'll find your nerve endings in this layer of skin. These nerve endings work with your brain and nervous system and allow you to feel things and react to them.Your dermis is also full of blood vessels and home to your oil glands.

The way to understand the messages  the body is sending to read the physical symptom as a symbol of a deeper mental-emotional situation. In this instance this newly exposed extremely sensitive layer of physical and emotional skin is your way of allowing yourself to FEEL  things and to REACT  to them.

So I believe that when this layer is exposed on my fingers it is a message that I am not allowing myself to feel my inner child's pain at not being allowed to playfully make art.  The message is extremely important. Much more so than the intellect understands. The intellect and left brain are all about work and making money and looking outward rather than inward.

Now, I have tried doing a compromise with my inner child--like making crafts or doing sewing, or using my finger to type creative words on a page. But none of these do the trick. My Inner Child wants down and dirty, no holds barred PLAY. She wants to connect with our Entity Self and allow him to play too. 

Art teachers, while well meaning, often give too much instruction to children about their art making.  Some even go so far as to make marks themselves on their pupils art! The teacher should even be loathe to give and assignment. Her job should be simply to create a time  and space and materials for her students to play with their creativity. Some children are stultified even by first grade, and so sometimes  a very general "assignment" can be helpful to a child like that. The teacher might say, "What d you love to look at? Or simply "What do you love?" The child might respond, " Cat's!" So then she could ask the child if they would like to paint a cat.

These are questions we can ask ourselves as adult when trying to get back to our inner child.

In addition to this most basic healing regimen for painful cracked finger tips, there are purely physical level treatments that can assist. But for me, they do not do the job if I am not paying attention to the underlying psycho-spiritual cause. So, iin addition to the psycho-spiritual healing--making free-form art--I  find that these few physical aids can help too:

  • in the winter, keep a humidifier going, or a place a  pan of  water on the stove and set it to simmer. Moisture in the air is good not only for the fingers but the lungs  and immune system as well.
  • use rubber gloves for washing dishes
  • after your shower, while your hands are sift, cut off the dead calloused skin around the tips f the fingers with some sharp nippers.
  • then have some crushed or ground up ASPIRIN ( I buy the big cheapie bottle for this) in a little take-out sauce cup in the bathroom. Wet your hands and then rub the tiny sharp bits vigorously all over your hands, paying special attention to the finger tips. The aspirin will not only exfoliate the dead skin, but the acetylsalicylic acid in it (originally from willow trees) will soften the callouses very nicely.
  • then follow up with a good rinse and dry and an application of an excellent hand cream. I like to make my own out of aloe vera gel, Heal-All Salve, liquid vitamin E (empty a few capsules), and some good oil--like olive or walnut oil. Rub it in well. And each time you wash your hands, apply more of this salve, especially to the tips of your fingers. 
  • wear gloves  or mittens out of doors.
That's it. I hope you found this helpful. If you did please leave a comment. Thanks!
Peace and Bl;essings,

PS you can use the above process in combination with the one below and really do a bang up job on yourself!



MB: Allowing Pain. Allowing Healing. 9/13/11

A few days ago, when I awoke in the morning, I noticed that my left leg was tingling. This is a sure sign to me that a herpes attack is imminent. I have Acyclovir for it--but don’t like taking allopathic medicines anymore. I have been working on this condition spiritually for years--probably since my moon-pause time began in 1990. But have never seemed able to get on top of it.

However, this morning when I woke and discovered the familiar little painful herpes pimple I suddenly remembered an old healing trick I had stumbled on a long time ago.

So what I did was to send my full awareness and consciousness into the painful area--I really focused intently on it to the exclusion of everything else. Then, instead of trying to force-heal it as I have often done--by sending white light and love into it and picturing it healed--this time I simply allowed that the pain was there and had been there for probably 20 years.

In doing that I suddenly felt like a very sad powerless little girl. Tears arose. I felt like I was perhaps age four. And I knew immediately, in my body, that it had to do with the incest I had experienced back then.

I was tempted to try any of the many things I’ve done in the past to try and help and heal her. But this time I just allowed her. I allowed that she felt very stuck. I allowed that she felt very powerless to change and was deeply sad about this hell she believed she was stuck in. I allowed that she might not ever even want to change anymore--she had been that way for so very long. I allowed that she has been behind many of my failures to achieve my goals. One feels good when one achieves one’s desire--but if feeling good is not a vibrational match to an aspect of our being, then it will reject for a long time I believe.

I remember seeing a re-run of a TV documentary on a young woman who had experienced incest as a young child. In her teens she became a hooker and was also using drugs. At the end, the producer shared that the first airing of the show had brought many wonderful offers of help--including free rehab services at a top center. But he related sadly that she rejected them all.

I think my little raped little girl self is probably feeling the same as that young woman. She just wants to be allowed--to be accepted, to be even loved unconditionally just as she is!

Everything wants to be Free-To-Be-ME.

So that was pretty much the attitude I took towards both my wounded little-girl self and towards the herpes that arose in response to her negative emotions--her fear/sadness/anger and the limiting belief that she is now or ever was powerless. I just allowed everything that was emotionally/intellectually true for her…and then something wonderful began to happen….

I began to feet much lighter and happier. Also, the herpes pain began to fade!

Now, I have used this “art of allowing” on many other things and it always works the same way. The condition itself may or may not shift, but just by allowing it to be--by allowing the is-ness of the situation or condition, something shifts, and I feel better emotionally.

Why does this happen? Well, I believe that everything wants to live. Everything on the lower planes of reality, anyway, seems to be afraid of change. Things fear “dying.” Everything fights to maintain itself as it knows itself. Sometimes it helps to make an effort to ratchet one’s emotions up a notch from a denser feeling to slightly lighter or better feeling that brings relief. But at other times--like with his herpes condition in me--it does not seem to work.

I believe that this is because this being or condition wants to LIVE!

So this morning I discovered that by at least allowing that the condition is and that it has something to say about whether it wants to change or not--the condition--and the aspect of myself that created it--began to feel better apparently. They had been acknowledged and allowed to be by me--her “god” as it were. I know my God, whom I think of as The Great Mother, “Allows Everything” unto me and all her children. Why should I not pay it forward?

Even though I wasn’t trying to change the condition--it did change! As of this moment the pain is gone and the pimple did not come to a head and break as it usually does. It simply disappeared over the past few hours!

I know I need to keep in mind that it may not always work this way. The condition has the right to remain if it wants, and I need to respect that--but within me--my feeling self--I feel better if I just allow situations I cannot seem to control or influence. Then simply within my emotions I feel better.

And isn’t that enough? For example: if I feel thin and attractive today, why bother with the anguish and expense of dieting, buying a new wardrobe and getting my face and entire body lifted! LOL. I could do that, but wouldn’t my reason be that I wanted to control others into thinking complimentary thoughts about me so I could look into the mirror of their faces and see admiration? “Ah! They think I am beautiful--so I will allow that I am. And now I can feel good.” Why not go directly for the end result? Just feel beautiful?!

What I have found is that this good feeling greases the way for the changes in material reality.

So it is the same with a pain in my body--especially long term conditions. My ultimate goal with healing the condition or making it go away is to feel whole and healthy and ease-full. So by allowing the painful condition I actually take a short cut to my goal. I immediately relax, feel ease flowing into me and worry disappears.

This allowing is sort of like using the F keys on my computer keyboard--it takes me very quickly to just where I want to go.

We are basically just consciousness that changes form--dies and is reborn--over and over. This consciousness wants to feel good all the time. So why wait for outer conditions and people to change? Why not just go for one of the best feelings there are--the contentment of allowing everything, And just maybe the material world will shape-shift into the exact reflection of my feeling tone.

That is the way it works, I believe.

Have an Allowing Day!

Love, Brenda

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