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The Allowing Everything Diet: For Spiritually Minded People


With the Allowing Everything Diet” you can lose all the weight you want and have the body you want just by “ALLOWING EVERYTHING”-- literally. This is not only a diet but also a road to enlightenment--the lazy person’s way! The more usual way of trying to lose weight or gain enlightenment is through restriction; don’t eat this and don’t eat that, count calories and for enlightenment, meditate, be celibate, don’t talk, don’t think.  In fact the antonym  for “allow” is  “forbid” or “prohibit.” 

This does not work well in diets, with raising children, with governing citizens, (eg. prohibition) etc. Our various levels of government are imploding with too many laws, controls, restrictions.  I just spent 10 minutes on the phone with a University of Maine Law Librarian. I asked him how many federal laws there were on the books and he stated that there was no real way of knowing! He added that there are, in addition to federal legislative laws,  also laws made by judges in court cases, by federal agencies, by state legislatures,  cities and towns! See this link for more on the complexity of US law.

And if that is not enough to stultify you there are also the laws of our various religions (which often influence people long after they have left the church.) They are filled with “thou shalt nots”  and “thou shoulds.”

And, if that is not enough, there are the unwritten laws of our cultures--both micro and macro. For example. I just read the book, “Tisha,” by Robert Specht. In it he describes Anne Hobb’s experience of being the-new-teacher-from-way in an Alaskan gold-rush town in the 1920’s. The book was about the conflict between what she allowed in her own code of ethics concerning Native Amercans and what was not allowed by the small community she moved into. 

And...if that is still not enough to convince you that we live in a very non-allowing reality, there are also all of the beliefs of the people that we interact with from birth on, on a daily basis. People all have their own set of beliefs or “laws,” should/should-nots, that they try and impose on each other. Many of these came about from  erroneous deductions they have made based on limited understanding. 

So, I have to ask, as Dr. Phil does, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” In a way--it does! It gives us a superficial sense of security, but on a deeper level it makes us feel insecure, because it means we are very frightened to let go and trust the deeper process and structures that DO keep us safe.  

When we do let go and allow everything things begin to get better. Humankind is moving in that direction. Strictures in morals, manners, school discipline, dress codes, religious law, mundane law etc. are all loosening up. We are beginning to allow more and more.

The idea of "allowing everythingmay sound extreme, but it truly does work. We fear it will lead to anarchy, chaos and loss of control. However, there is truly nothing to fear by allowing everything--either in your diet or in the rest of your life. Assuming we did all suddenly stop struggling, stop trying to control ourselves and each other and life, what would happen? WE WOULD RELAX. 

We would, or could begin to allow a vaster deeper ORDER to take over. It is not an alien order. It is a part of us right now--a deeper, higher  part of ourselves. Our Higher Selves already “allows everything” but because it is fully allowing us to learn on our own way and at our own rate of expansion it does not push this idea onto us. It allows  us to gain strength through finding it on our own.

So what is this ORDER? It is a “program” that is hard wired into everything in the Universe, every person, every being, every event. It says that every  being and every situation is going to offer you an opportunity to get what you truly want in the best way possible. You will enjoy this way. It will feel good. But it is only an opportunity and if either you don’t know it is there or you choose not to accept it--YOU ARE ALLOWED. 

We actually live in a safe and loving Universe that has this built-in safety nest [sic] under everything--a sea of well-being. Truly,  we live in a STATE OF GRACE all of the time. Nothing happens without a positive purpose and you can learn to harness that fact for your use not only with food/body issues but also with any other issue in your life.

Somethings are more copacetic with The Universe (God) than others--but still--everything is truly allowed. It is a True Paradox.

So, Allowing Everything is already happening on the higher levels of our being, we are just being introduced to it slowly on this level. People are coming to it through all avenues of life--such as the various spiritual and religious paths, athletic pursuits, work/career issues, disabilities,  poverty, success, illness etc.. Diet is just one of many roads to enlightenment--and is just a good a road as any other. You simply need to extrapolate whatever you learn from the “Allowing Everything Diet” to other parts of your life and you will eventually achieve enlightenment--faster than through non-allowing approaches.

The next article will apply the “Allowing Everything Principle” to diet specifically and more thoroughly, and in a step by step manner.