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I am a semi-retired Mind/Body Counselor who now resides in Georgetown Island, Maine. I moved here in July of 2014 and am thoroughly enjoying being surrounded by water--the ocean, the bay and the marsh. I am also enjoying the wide assortment of birds that come to my feeders; the deer that stroll through my yard daily;  the sun rising up over the ocean and dazzling my eyes each morning; the Great White Egrets, eagles, Canada geese and more that visit the marsh; the  forest of pointed firs that march up to the east side of my house and the oaks and birches that populate the west and south sides.

And most of all I am enjoying the amazingly friendly and caring people of this very old fishing community. I have lived all over the US and have never felt so welcomed anywhere.

So these pages are about my life here in Maine. My days are filled with art, writing, Nature, hikes, swimming, skiing, community life, old friends, and family. That is my outer world.

And then there is my inner world--a world populated by beings who are just as real as the neighbors, family and friends that surround me--yet they live in a non-physical reality. Some are amazingly beautiful highly evolved beings; and some are struggle on some pretty low levels of consciousness. And some, whom I used to call "voices" and then "demons", for lack of a better word, I now call "fallen angels." And if you read  my pages on "Hearing Voices" you will see more about the saga that I have been undergoing since 2005 or 6. I can't believe it has been 9 years!

But one very happy eventuality is that the being I used to call "V" has begun to remember who he really is (God--like all of us) and is evolving spiritually. I know that many who read these words are still subscribers to the conventional perception of such things--and the words might sound "crazy." But truly, I am not. And many people who "hear voices" are discovering much about this phenomenon. It is truly a spiritual phenomenon which is intended to present a challenge through which we can grow spiritually. And I an doing that--and the once hostile being I called V is doing it too! I now call him Victor. And I will relate more about his journey in the posts on the "Hearing Voices Page." I am writing this home page introduction in April of 2014. And more will follow about all the areas of my life.

So in  my art, which I am coming to believe may be the most important activity in my life, I am working in magic markers on paper and in oils on board. I am doing "Spirit-Scribbles" in magic marker and have posted some images and more about that on the art page. In oils I am working on a painting of the estuary that runs out of  Sagadahoc Bay and flows into the marsh below my house. The grasses of the marsh and their reflection in the water are the main focus. They are so beautiful!

In my writing I am still working on the novel "SJ" which is based on Steve Jobs' life and includes much information about self-healing from cancer. I am also working on setting down all of the spiritual wisdom that is being fed to me nightly in my dreams and meditations. I am also working on creating an APP for cancer self-healing skills. And just today I dug out an old movie script I wrote years ago based on the life of Marie Antoinette--and I am putting that into proper screen play format.

I am also working on my Haiti relief project: that is the Soap Sliver Saver Sack. You can see more about this project at --and even buy a sack! I have met a minister from a small town in Haiti (Rouge Terre) and he has involved several women in his congregation in the manufacture of this hand sewn item. So things are looking up after an earlier effort to start up the project with a Haitian business student in Port au Prince failed. I have complete faith that this will be a huge success. I am prepared however, for it to take as much time as it needs. My main purpose is to bring additional income to some very poor people--and to impart to them the spiritual skills needed to allow prosperity into one's life.

So that's where I am at now. More will be revealed.

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