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 (I will occasionally be  be using emails to my longtime friend Kat Farrin as blog posts).  You can view her art at  )

Dear Kat:
So today I talked to a house painter--(Barbara Bisson from West Bath, ME),  and she only wants $175 to paint my bedroom! I am going to use sort of a cream/yellow/golden color. And will get matching carpeting later. She seems really nice and very professional.

The inspirational center for my new decor is my belly rock* and also a painting I bought from artist Arlene Morris (of Topsham, ME ) this summer.  The painting is of a feminine face on an abstract moon floating in the void. Love it. The colors are black, white, pale yellow, gold and dark red.

Check out her work here--it is gorgeous!

I also have new bed-clothes coming from Reny's and Sears. Muted yellow/gold sheets with dark, stone gray cotton sateen coverlet and bed skirt.

The yellow inside a dark gray covering remind me of my belly rock friend. He is hard, dense and dark  on the outside, but beautiful evanescent yellow inside--in his spirit. He is very light and highly evolved. I believe the stones are the most evolved beings on our planet! It is no wonder they are since they are the most direct descendants-children of Mother Earth (chips off the old block, as it were...LOL) The stones are our siblings/ancestors and future selves--all at once...or so I believe. And the Earth is our spiritual as well as physical Mother. 

So I want to feel exactly that when I climb into my bed.  And when grab my belly rock (who always secretes a little water when I first hold him!)...I want to feel that I am resonating to him; that my bed-dreamplace is resonating to him. I feel a lot of love from him and for him. And I am sure he is helping me to raise my vibration toward my Entity Self (ES)

I love the pink/white gray bedroom I have  now. In fact when Barbara first saw it today she gasped with delight--as many people do. But I just want something darker/warmer for winter and more spiritually significant now. I am moving beyond just making my physical home pretty--I want it to express my spiritual development as well.

Love, Brenda

*Belly Rock--a Native American concept. They sleep with a smooth river rock weighing a  pound or two, on their lower belly to remind them of their connection with Mother Earth. I feel that when I use mine.

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