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The following is an email I wrote to my friend Jon who stated that he feels like a finite being--not eternal. Here is my response to him.

Yes, I too feel finite-- especially when I look in the mirror and see the changes there year by But I have had too many experiences that have proved to me that we live with a very limited concept of reality--understanding wise. We actually have an eternal consciousness that existed before our birth and continues after out death, I have discovered. And time is a very different animal from our current concept.
Here is my take on it--in my humble opinion. I believe that Einstein came close to understanding the true nature of time with his theory of relativity. But what I have finally come to understand is that "time" as we know it-- is a highly subjective construct of our intellect. And is part of the male mind paradigm--which we all carry--but men , in general, rely on it more so than women do. It seems to reside in the left hemisphere of the brain. Women use the right hemisphere more.
So by deliberately exercising the right side of my brain I have managed to stay in touch with the larger reality around us and something of the true nature of time.
I have learned from my efforts  that after we die we enter another, larger, more real reality that usually feels much nicer to people. Our consciousness survives death and we enter this bigger reality that encompasses this one. Our reality is a subset of this larger one. The larger one, however, can exist without this one--but not vice versa.
 In that larger reality we look back at this one and see how odd our concept of  "time" was--how limited. But that limitation serves as a stimulus to learn certain useful things.
I know of many people who have had near death experiences in which their consciousness left their body and  entered this larger reality of which  I am speaking. They moved into a realm of no "clock" time. All time there is simultaneous  (as it is here too actually.) Another way to describe it is to call it "psychological time."  Time flies by when we are having fun--because it is psychological and plastic in nature. I'll share two examples of that from my life...if you want to read them.
#1 -- I used to travel to Topsham from Newcastle once a week for an appt. It always took the same amount of time. One time I was very late starting out and I knew the person I was meeting would be angry. So I deliberately went into what Seth called "Psy Time." I saw it stretching and envisioned myself arriving on time, relaxed and cool. Then I forced myself to relax in the now and to let go of worry. And sure enough, I arrived at exactly the same time I did every week--without driving any faster than I usualy did!
#2-- After my father-in-law died this tale unfolded. We had become close in the last few months of his life on Earth. I often sat in meditation sending him loving, healing energy. This developed quite a strong positive connection between us.
In any case, after he died, we stayed somewhat in touch. He sent me thought-images of what he was experiencing over there every now and then. It  all looked very pleasant and very interesting. However, one day in meditation he approached me and seemed quite upset. He "explained"--by sending me blocks of thought that showed me he had seen the future of his son--my ex husband--was headed into.
He wanted me to tell my ex to leave his job and go to work for another company--which he named. I delayed for a month or so because I knew my ex did not believe in any of this stuff. But eventually he visited my kids and I and I delivered the message from his dad. I blurted it out as he walked in the door--before I could lose courage.
Well he shot up into the air, spun around 360 degrees, and landed with his mouth agape in shock. He told me he had been having a strong feeling, since soon after his father died--to do exactly what it said in my message! And not only that but he follwed through on it!!!...partially. He went to the new company, applied, and was offered a job! However, it didn't have as good flight benefits and so he turned it down!!!!! I am sure his father was rolling over in his grave--so to speak--when he did that.
The upshot of it was that a few months later the company he was working for--Northeast Airlines--suddenly went belly up. The first of the big US companies to do so. He lost his job and spent 3 years doing shit jobs (like schlepping toxic waste) in order to stay alive. To save his soul he could not get a good job in upper management as he was used to having. This went on for about 3 years. Then he got a job associated with the company he had turned down--but doing a very different job.
So my father in law had seen into the future accurately--and conveyed it to me accurately. I conveyed it to my ex accurately--but late--something I have always regretted. But he is okay now--working as a mediator for the UPS pilot's Union. UPS was the company his father had told him to go to work for!
So those are two of many experiences I have had that prove to me I am immortal and that time is actually happening all-at-once. The minute by minute time we know is just us using our consciousness like a flashlight, shining it on one small piece after another. Through the right brain we have a big ambient light we can use with our consciousness. It illuminates much more of both the "past" and the "future" and all of the probable pasts and futures sprouting off of them.



I have lately become fascinated by the idea of vortices as vehicles for transformation. I recently watched a program about Black Holes on a science program on TV and heard them state that it is now known that all galaxies have, at their center, a black hole, which appears to be "feeding" on everything around it. Stars, planets, comets, nebulae and even light are sucked into the vortex that seems to comprise this black hole. As things circle the hole they speed up--then suddenly disappear into the hole/vortex.

This description was accompanied by eery music. I suppose it could be frightening to contemplate such an end. However, I had a different reaction to it. In thinking about each star, planet and even photon as a unit or gestalt of consciousness, I suddenly KNEW that these black holes were passageways into other realms. THEY ARE SIMPLY PLACES OF TRANSFORMATION!At our own center there is also such a vortex--as described by Esther Hicks (as "Abraham" in their latest book, The Vortex: How the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. The book points out that we are all vortices of incredible energy--in our essence--our Source Self (Entity Self--or higher above that "God").

Even before I drew that book to myself I had been having one revelation after another concerning vortices being vehicles of transformation:

  • Many years a go I discovered that by going deep into my own center through meditation--as if descending down through a vortex-- I came into an awareness of the eternal part of my own being (my Entity Self) which was "deep" within my psyche and also deep within my body-- located at about the second chakra. As I continued to meditate on that expanded part of myself I began to transform into it!
  • All of the chakras seem to be spinning vortices--traditionally described as spinning disks..
  • I have heard many people report through near death experiences that when they "died" (transformed), they traveled from Earth Plane life, through a tunnel (vortex?) and emerged into "heaven" or a place of Love, Light, Music and God. They often knew themselves to be One with God. The ultimate transformation!
  • And from popular culture I recalled the movie "The Wizard of Oz" which was so popular because of its deep spiritual theme of transformation. The tornado (vortex) was the vehicle which brought Dorothy into another realm where she was transformed.
  • A popular TV show in the 80's--"Star Trek: The Next Generation"--created the idea of "worm holes" through which one could travel at tremendous speeds, across vast distances to a different reality. These worm holes were depicted as vortices.
  • Simply falling asleep at night I often (as a child) had the feeling of my body rotating upon an axis and descending into sleep--where I was transformed into a dreaming me who is just as real as the waking me.
  • Again from popular culture, "Alice in Wonderland" is about a little girl who falls down a tunnel into another reality and is transformed by her experiences there.
  • From old Indo-European myths comes the tale of Mother Hulda, whose world is discovered by a girl who falls down a well.
  • Sufi dancers spin to take themselves into spiritual transformation.
  • I once had a meditation in which I saw that UFO's have a large spinning disk inside of the circular shell we see. I could see that if you spin anything fast enough it will gain a gravitational pull--and also have qualities of "anti-gravity". The so-called "aliens" have learned to control these universal laws . Also, they are not from our physical reality--but from other realities which are non-physical. The "aliens" have learned how to spin themselves into a vortex in which they transform/transport themselves into our reality. We can visit theirs, as well though-- through the functions of the right hemisphere of the brain--which we use very little of in Western Culture. Although this is changing. Unfortunately our physicists and other scientists by and large seem to be mostly educated to use only the left hemisphere of the brain. This part is useful--but limited. Metaphysicians such as myself can easily visit the other realities which these "aliens" come from, and perceive the richness there that our left brain only perceives as rocks or fiery gases, as solar systems or galaxies spinning in space. Any person, using his/her right brain, can perceive that they are actually all beings on different levels of spiritual development, living in innumerable realities, all transforming--contracting and expanding--through vortices I suspect.
There were many more revelations about vortices as vehicles for transformation, but I believe that physics and metaphysics or spirituality is coming closer and closer together. Every-thing in our physical Universe is simply an interpretation by our limited 5 senses and our very limited intellect of much vaster consciousness that we can only begin to become aware of --never mind comprehend--through our intuition or the right hemisphere of our brains--which seldom use in our culture. But every "thing" that I perceive as being a only a thing--is actually a fully conscious being. The "thing" I perceive is actually just my own short-hand symbol that my intellect needs to use to relate to these beings that are beyond its comprehension. But my intuitive mind can and does comprehend and even communicate with these beings.

So those things in the heavens that appear to be stars, planets, comets, nebulae, space dust, light--AND BLACK HOLES--are really fully conscious beings who are living lives and creating things with their consciousness--that is what the physical expansion of the UNiverse that the scientists have identified is really about. It is about the phenomenal rate of expansion of consciousness that is happening everywhere all the time at an incomprehensible speed. (Of course, in most realities time does not exist and so the word "speed" and even "expansion" are irrelevant in the larger reality. For everything is here and now.

What I am exploring now is the relationship between our concept of "expansion" and "contractions"--for even while the "Universe" --a conscious Being Itself" is exapanding, there is also at the center of everything, a spinning and contracting into one's center. That center appears to be empty but may actually just be a vortex through which we travel to another reality.

In one meditation I "got" that spinning something fast enough while contracting creates a gravitational pull toward the center. Like a skater who starts a slow spin and increases speed by drawing her outstretched arms in towards her body.

I think it is generally understood in Metaphysics that "the center of the Universe is everywhere." I am the center of the universe--and my feeling that I am is not egocentrism--and you are the center of the universe. And the dot at the end of this sentence is conscious and feels that IT is the center of the Universe. And it is all true.

I would love to hear what Dr. Goswani and anyone else has to say about these perceptions.


I just watched the "Getting Into The Vortex" DVD of Abraham speaking through

Esther Hicks and one thing that really struck me was that they said that THE

WORST among us contribute THE MOST to our collective vortex!

I believe that they meant that those people's desires for something better (what

with being so far outside of their vortex) were extremely powerful emotionally

and were often repeated--even though they might have never aligned with their

inner being nor entered their vortex while in this reality (alive).

Abraham also said that that when they "die" they enter their vortex (with "All

That Is" at the center) and there they received/were everything they had ever

asked for.

It reminded me of a short story (which I might write as movie after I finish the

one I am working on.) I wrote it many years ago. It has not been

published/produced as yet.


In the story an unidentified man is talking with God. God says, "I've got a BIG

job for you to do down there," nodding towards Earth. Then they have a

conversation to which we are not privy. The man at first declines strongly. God

talks to him more about the job. The man relents a bit, then equivocates, and

finally reluctantly accepts the reincarnational mission.

In the next scene we see Hitler being born; then we see him as a terrified and

enraged little boy being sexually exploited and tortured by his Jewish uncle.

Next he grows up and does all the horrible things we know he did--presumably out

of a desire for revenge and a highly distorted goal of improving the world.

Finally, he and Eva Braun--who truly loved him (in my story anyways)--die in the

bunker and cross over to the afterlife. There the man takes on the same form he

had before his reincarnation as Hitler. He sits in dark silhouette before the

blazing light of God and says. "Well, I did the best I could. I am not sure if I

can look back yet. I am teetering on the edge of a bottomless abyss of guilt.

And God says. "Don't go there. Don't fall in. You did the job I sent you to do.

It was a horrible business, but someone had to provide the mirror that was

required by--unconsciously asked for--by the others involved. By the whole

world. Someone had to reflect the misguided inner reality they had created in

their minds. I had thought about sending a novice, but it would have taken them

eons to get over it. So I sent you. I love you dearly my son.

Then the man turns and walks away, struggling against tears. "This was far FAR

worse than being nailed to the cross"...and we see it is Jesus Christ.


Abraham says revenge is okay--it is moving beyond fear and anger and towards

one's [God centered] vortex. And according to them only those beings who are a

vibrational match to those committing violence will be drawn into that person's

"anti-vortex" as it were. I think Abraham would say that Hitler provided

"contrast" so that the Jewish people, and others) would ask for something

better. They were vibrational-belief matches. Mirrors. Oten hard to comprehend.

But there you are. It seems to be what we've got.

But as far as I can see, while many Jews did get something positive and

improving out of their WWII experience, many others still are putting out

powerful belief-vibrations that seem to say "POWER IS OUTSIDE OF THE SELF."

So while the attitude and situation of the Jewish people has improved greatly in

the world since then, many still often seem (to me) to display strong

self-righteous beliefs as either victims (hanging on to the holocaust) or as

perpetrators (in business and in Palestine for instance).

So as I go deeper into my Vortex, one of the ways I want my All That Is Self to

expand is in making it easier for people on the Earth Plane Reality to

understand the powerful role their own consciousness plays in the events of

their lives--and to somehow make the time delay for manifestation of positive

beliefs faster and easier. Close the gap on cause and effect. So it is easier to

see that our thoughts and the feelings that precipitate from them do cause our


I would like for All That Is (us) to have a lot more compassion and assistance

for those lost in their own ego mind constructions--the nightmares. I would like

to see/feel more heart. There is something so cold and intellectual about the

statement "You Create Your Own Reality." I want everyone to more easily be able

to FEEL "The Great Love" Abraham says that they in their realm have for us.

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