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Sunday, June 8, 2014


 The following is an excerpt from a letter to my friend Kat Farrin:

...The problem , as far as I can see, is that we have been trying to rely solely on our intellect/left brain/male mind. And because the job was too big for it--without the feminine mind--then it did let us down--all of us. It is untrustworthy by itself. And it always tries to act like it does know  how to handle everything. Just look out there and work hard enough and do enough research and suffer enough and the rational mind can find the answer. Not true.

But as Lester Levenson said, "For a brilliant guy you are stupid stupid stupid. If the answer were out there where I have been looking I would have found it by now. So its not out there. Its in here (within his consciousness). " He  had multiple advanced scientific degrees and had made a lot of money--extremely successful--except he was miserable and had numerous physical ailments. But he "got it" and went on in the next three months--after the doctors had given him 2 weeks to live--to dive deep within and to discover the roots of his illness--in his mind. He healed himself totally  and learned a how to manifest even more money effortlessly. He finally gave away 29  high rise apt. buildings in NYC that he had acquired--with no money down. He knew he just had to go into his God-Self to manifest anything he desired. So he knew he didn't need to hold onto anything--he could just manifest stuff when he needed it.  So he lived for another 40 years and went on to found the Sedona Method. Which Hale Dwoskin now runs.

That course really helped me a lot. But I am still workin' it--trying to get the full thing that Lester got in 3 months and that Hale got over maybe 10 years. It takes understanding it, remembering it, believing that it will work and working it. And then it does more and more. But basically what they are saying is--welcome  anything negative you are experiencing.  Then drop it or release on it.

My interpretation is that after I've released it, it creates a vacuum in my psyche , which sucks me up into the next level of my being--my ES (Entity Self). There are even higher aspects than that that I am getting in touch with lately. They are me/not me. These levels go all the way up to my God Self. That sounded far away to me at first, but now I am learning it is right here right now. I AM GOD.  So's everyone else.

I don't think Rhonda Byrne, who wrote "The Secret" really understood that that was what she was doing.  But I know she was as she went after all the things she wanted and got them. So people who have done it have a hard time sharing it--because they don;t realize what a subtle shift it is that they made--but how extremely important it is.

So I am working on finding and staying with my God self as I face my challenges--which are HUGE right now. I can't share because I don't want people to focus on the negative stuff that COULD happen to me.  Because the trick is to stay focused just on what you want. (Although feeling the fear etc is important too--but I don;t stay there long before I go back into my God self and FEEL the great stuff I know is coming. KNOW I have it right now. Then the Universe delivers when the time is right.

I prepare the ground and plant the seed, and then at the right time the universe pops the new plant through the surface and into the sunlight.

I have some big magic coming soon. My ES tells me so.

The other challenge as always is "V" (voices or unwelcome entities whose consciousness has become attached to my own in a negative way.) This whole issue has evolved tremendously and with that I am also trusting and turning it over to Great Mom. Dealing with that issue the same way as the first GIG issue--by having faith in higher more powerful aspects of myself that are me/not me and entertaining the vibration of what I want--rather than of what I do not want, as I did for most of my life. It's natural isn't it? Something scary happens or threatens and you freak out? WRONG! You have to learn to do just the opposite--allow the scary hing and then use all of your will power and allowing power to move up into higher aspects of yourself who see the problem for what it is--nothing. From that vantage point I can truly feel the wonderful new reality I am desiring as if it were here right now--or at least know that it is coming--WITHOUT A DOUBT. 

It is my ego mind on my soul personality level that fears and doubts and of course then through the Law of Attraction draws to me whatever it is my consciousness is entertaining.
It doesn't sound fair--and I plan to have a word with my God Self about this.  It is too hard for most people to make that kind of step. First of all. most people don;t even know they have an Entity Self, never mind the efficacy of "enveloping" with that aspect as much as possible. Identifying with it. But it can be done--is being done by many other's besides me and will be done by millions more.

But about the challenges I am facing, it is impossible to say, or share with you or others the importance and enormity of what this spiritual event has been and is now--with V. I'll write about it someday. But the repercussions are enormous.

Love, Brenda

[I will explain to the blog readers what the challenges were more fully when I am on the other side of them.]

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