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Friday, August 10, 2012


UPDATED  9/24/12


This is a blogging adventure in "Allowing Everything" which began on April 7, 2010.

Please click on any of the  pages to the right to see how my philosophy below plays out in those areas. Thank you for visiting.

Peace and Blessings


What I mean by allowing everything is just that--ALLOWING EVERYTHING. And by doing that one can move towards perfect happiness. Allowing everything means acknowledging all that is positive and negative in life, and in one's self--and after allowing what is negative until you have had enough, one eventually moves to allowing that one prefers the positive. The positive is that which feels good emotionally and physically, not what any religious or psychological credo says is  good or positive. Then by allowing oneself to focus more and more intently on the positive and allowing the negative to recede in one's awareness you draw to you--through the law of attraction--that which one desires.

I believe that The Great Mother, aka, "All That Is," aka God, allows everything. That Being allows great beauty and great ugliness in the world--but all for a beautiful purpose. WE LIVE IN A SAFE AND LOVING UNIVERSE. Of this there is no doubt. During that living, our purpose is to EXPAND. All That Is allows us complete freedom to do, be or have anything we desire. Then S/He plays a kind of game with us, creating us knowing that we are One with All That Is--and then us to forget who we really are. S/He allows us to flounder in ignorance of the fact that our minds are creating everything in our life and in our world. S/He allows us to create pain and suffering--but only as a tool of "contrast." We get to contrast the pain with what we really want.

Then that intense desire for something better is deposited in a kind of Escrow account for us--an account that is held by our Higher Self. That being is a part of us that most of us have lost conscious awareness of.

It is the purpose of these pages to allow ever greater awareness of the personal power that we all hold in all areas of our lives. The expansion of our personal power happens in the interface between the small self we know (our ego-mind) and the Expanded Self--our Entity Self (ES) that most of us are only beginning to know. To tap into our escrow accounts of personal power to manifest whatever we desire, we simply have to KNOW that we can have, do or be everything we ever thought of in our desire for something better. That knowing is the secret to using our minds properly. What we focus on, we know -- what we know, we get. So tapping into our escrow accounts is simply a matter of focusing on what we want and ignoring --to the best of our ability-- anything to the contrary--anything negative.

So most of the content that appears in these pages might be termed -- "metaphysical observations of anything and everything in life...and beyond." I will address politics, religion, current events, natural disasters, human relationships, creativity and much more...all with a view to adding to the ever growing body of understanding being engendered by many people. This body of knowledge is moving us all out of the darkness and into the light. Out of the back alleys of life and into the Garden of Eden. It is our birthright to be joyful, loving, wealthy, healthy and successful.

So if you find my writing and my philosophy spiritually and/or intellectually stimulating, please leave a comment. I plan to add a discussion board soon because I want everyone to be able to dialog back and forth about this emerging wisdom that is coming through more and more of us. We all need your wisdom. So please do come back often--to read, leave comments and for updates.

Thanks for visiting!

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